NXREF status

Alan is working on a bug that he has been working over for a little bit. At this moment, the network is running well and I am happy to report that NXDN to pop-up in Sioux City, NE
and possibly 2 sites to come join the fun from LONG BEACH, CA.!! (within ear shot of Kenwood California)


NXREF Installation manual
Evans will be working on a install manual for both KWD and ICOM in a simple pdf that will
be downloaded from NXDNINFO.COM. You will still need to contact one of the admins for
the NXREF master ip, but the manual is geared for repeater programming and setting up the Raspberry Pi.

Talkgroup Filtering
This is on the drawing board, and will be forthcoming. We do not have a set date, as beta testing needs to be done first.



KF4I – Palm Coast, Florida to come online

Thom Scott, KF4I, in Palm coast will be replacing 443.3000 with a mixed mode Kenwood NXDN NXR-810 shortly. Today (11/16/13) KD4EFM and KF4I installed
and brought online the Raspberry Pi that will be part of the NXREF system, and
fine-tuned it for temp operation at his home QTH. Once the network is installed and
made operational at the repeater site, the repeater will be moved and replacing the
existing 443.3000. Details on that will come later.

RAN 1 / PL 107.2
WBFM Analog


This will allow coverage from Saint Augustine down into Dayton Beach using the World Wide NXDN network. From Orland, KJ4OVA covers up to the northern end of I-4 at I-95.

Welcome aboard Thom!


NXDN on trial in Torrington CT

From Cliff, K1IFF

I have an NXR810 on the air, mixed mode (WFM) and VN digital in Torrington CT.  It’s at K1KGQ’s site as a trial. 

Joel is thinking seriously about getting his own NXR and some mobiles.  After only 5 days, he is VERY impressed.

Anyone in the area, give it a try.  It’s on 449.775 (-), PL is 141.3, RAN1.  No internet connection yet at the site.

Links added…

I have added the links to the NXDN User ID, and the NXDN Repeater List, that is attached to my Google Drive. If you need to have your name added to the list, please
email me and I will add you in. The list is viewable to all, but edit rights are assigned.

Evans Mitchell

Status of the NXREF and What Is Happening

Greetings all,
Here is a quick run up of what is in the pressure cooker….

A & B; A Bug Fix for the Kenwood side of the NXREF. One is with the turn on / turn off messages, and the other is dealing with the heartbeat for the UDP ports, since KWD uses 2 UDP ports.

New Features: Talk Group Linking and Authentication, a simple Public PKM style (something like IRLP) to add security to the NXDN Network. If the access code does not match, no link will be established.
Talk Group Linking; this will allow for Local, Regional, State, or even Area Wide uses.
Florida uses TG 1200 for Florida Wide, and Tampa is using 1201 for West Central Florida. As an example.

If you have not become a member of the HAM_NXDN email group, this is a Yahoo group located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ham_nxdn/
This is open to ALL HAMS World Wide, and talks about the use of NXDN Radios for the advancement of Ham Radio, and 6.25 Digital Technology.

That is it for now.


Antrak Turkey adds new repeater to thier network..

From Serdar:

Dear Gang,
We setup our new NXDN repeater (VHF- R2- 145.650 MHz) to new location over the 17th and 18th weekend of August.
You can find installation photos at:

We linked this repeater to our other NXDN repeater (VHF-R7-145.775 MHz) which is located at our club building via 5Ghz link. Everything seems working now. In next days, we are planning to re-establish NXDN Reflector link via Raspberry PI.


Dayton Frequencies

The guys in MA spurred me on to do this… I should have thought of it prior.

For 2013 at Dayton this year.

Expect NXDN on these frequencies.

VHF – 147.555
VHF – 145.28
UHF – 441.000

All simplex, most likely run no RAN (squelch set to carrier or none), however I know the guys from MA on the 145.28 will be on RAN 1

Have fun, I can’t make it this year due to family commitments.


Updated listing of currently connected sites.

Current list of linked systems, frequencies and RAN codes.

  • I – Atlanta, GA – 442.025+, RAN 1
  • I – Atlanta, GA – 443.050+, RAN 1
  • I – Cleveland, OH – 444.45625+, RAN 1
  • I – Tampa, FL – 444.425+, RAN 1
  • I – New Port Richey, FL – 442.7625+, RAN 1
  • I – South Lansing, MI – 443.250+, RAN 5
  • I – Toronto, ONT – 443.050+, RAN 1
  • I – Taunton, MA – 145.280-, RAN 1
  • I – Swansea, MA – 145.320-, RAN 1
  • I – Pinckney, MI – 146.500 +1.000mhz, RAN 47
  • I – Seattle, WA – ?? (coming online soon)
  • K – Venice, FL – 444.100+, RAN 1
  • K – Orlando, FL – 442.0375+, RAN 1
  • K – Lakeland, FL – 146.655-, RAN 1
  • K – Bristol, CT – 449.975-, RAN 1
  • K – Bristol, CT – 145.220-, RAN 1 (off net until further notice)
  • K – Johnson City, TX
  • K – Greensboro, FL – 147.390+, RAN 1
  • K – Tallahassee, FL – 444.175+, RAN 1
  • K – Milwaukee, WI – 444.750+, RAN 1
  • K – Ankara, Turkey – 145.775-, RAN 1
  • K – Vancouver, BC
  • K – Searcy, AR – 146.655-, RAN 1
  • K – Searcy, AR – 444.500+, RAN 1

New Reflector online


After some issues with our prior provider, I just bit the bullet and got a slice of a virtual server online for real…

This is an image of the last 24 hours of bandwidth usage since I got all the repeaters and other reflectors moved over to it… :)

We’ll see now what a standard month brings so we can gauge utilization.